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Exceeding Expectations


We are highly dedicated & curious to provide staffing solutions at its best. ‘We Place Talent at Pertinent Place’. While searching candidates, we practice our motto and search real talent to approach its worthy place. We deal in both ‘Permanent & Temporary Staffing’. Temporary staffing is an area where employers can make efficient large scale strategic savings on staffing requirements, keep a flexible effective workforce to hand and maintain staff through difficult times. Temporary staffing is classified according to client’s requirement. Permanent Staffing is majorly classified as:-

  • Executive Level

  • Middle & Lower Level

We develop different search criteria for every different job. First of all we follow our client’s compliance, further we search according to designation we are trying to fulfill.


Executive Search

Executive Search ensures a quality outcome by targeting and contacting every potential candidate. We represent you professionally to candidates; the whole process ensuring confidentiality, time bound efficiency and cost effectiveness. It also ensures pre-qualification of candidates which will leave the line manager to focus on recruitment decisions. A strong emphasis on quick turnaround timelines and a highly process driven and customized Search Practice which relies heavily on knowledge management and industry research paradigms, ensures that the results are swift, sure and outstanding, as is witnessed through our client portfolio and success record.

Middle & Lower level search

Middle level is the intermediate level accountable to top management and responsible for leading lower level. The middle-level managers are semi- executives; they coordinate the responsibilities of the sub-unit of the firm and access the efficiency of lower-level managers. The lower level is referred as the supervisory or the operative level. They are consisting of operative employees. Considering all above in mind, we search accordingly.

Selection Process

Profile Comprehension

We acquire a full comprehension of the client’s business, candidate’s competencies and required experience. Based on the information that we get from the Client and our market expertise, we develop the Ideal Candidate Profile, a list of target companies and identify the tools for sourcing the profiles.

Identification & Evaluation

We identify and approach potential candidates within targeted organizations, interview them and evaluate against the position requirements. We present the candidates profiles to the client. We share with our Client all the information that we obtained while evaluating the candidate.

Interview, Job Offer & Follow Ups

We arrange interviews of selected candidates with clients. Provide a reference check, support our Client for follow ups & other procedures to the best we can.


NMS believes that talent should not be restricted in boundaries; we place Indian talent outside India also. Global Sourcing is a specialist service that has been developed to address the needs of global businesses looking at hiring talent from India, knowing the versatility and professional competence of Indian talent that has been demonstrated and proven. Mandates are delivered through an expert consultant team. With our research driven methodology, strong linkages within the Indian & global talent pool and our sourcing skills, we would be in a position to add significant value to your hiring process.



Campus recruitment refers to the process where companies look forward to filling certain of their vacant positions by employing students or freshers from various campuses. We facilitate the student community in finding the most awesome career opportunities available across India in various industries and simultaneously empower our clients seeking for the best talent, thereby matching. Our team has a different department to set a link between Educational institutions & corporate world.


Uniqueness of Campus Placement

Touchscreen Computer

Massive Talent Pool

Reduced Cost & Effort

Higher Selection to Hiring Ratio

Updated with Latest Technology


Walk In is defined as a condition wherein a person reaches the respective office or place without any prior appointment. Walk-in interviews give opportunities to a lot of people to apply and get interviewed by the employer/recruiter on a specified date and time. NMS organizes Walk Ins across India as per the discussions with clients.

Standing Meeting

Benefits of Walk In

Large Recruitment Volume

Fast Hiring

Low Hiring Cost

Quality Resources


Reference check refers to a recruiting process method to get more information about a candidate by contacting his/her previous employers, schools etc. Professional references help organizations gain an additional level of information on their applicant, beyond what is listed on their resume that can provide them greater insight to a person's work ethic and abilities. We verify the truthfulness of the information provided by the applicant.  We check if the applicant has the right skill set for the job. Reference check help identify patterns of behavior of the applicant during his/her time working with the previous employer. It also help predict success in his/her new job.



Talent Mapping is a process of collecting market information of prospective candidates within defined target organizations. After clear understanding of ‘context & role’ to be mapped, NMS collects information from markets; using various sources. The further step is to verify the collected data & makes a report. Lastly, the information is get capture in agreed format.

Work Space

Talent Mapping


Data Collection

Verification & Report

Capture Information

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